The future of talent management. Focused on people. Data-driven.

The future of talent management is clear. This is about people. And data. We combine both. PiCompany provides advanced online solutions to identify, match and develop talent.

PiCompany - Advanced Talent Management


Gain quick insight into available talent for recruitment and pre-selection


Select and match the right employees, based on qualities, competencies and growth potential


Develop the talents of employees and improve the performance of your organization

Implement our solutions with the right support from our consultants

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Focused on people, data-driven

People and data. These would appear to be incompatible factors, but both constitute the future of talent management and are essential to the achievement of your ambitions. PiCompany combines people and data, and provides insight into the existing talent, utility and development potential thereof. Using our advanced tools and Talent Analytics, we bring people and data together. So we make the best matches visible. We help your employees and organization to perform as well as possible.

Advanced insight into talent within your organization?

Talent Analytics provides powerful insights into talent that allow you to take better, strategically well-considered HR decisions.


Important HR themes

Does your organization have all the building blocks required for advanced talent management available in-house?

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How do you translate your organizational strategy into concrete behavior?

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How do you ensure that you are getting the right people on board?

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