Leadership development of a young MT at DearBytes

A strong and effective management team due to insight into talents

Due to the strong growth of internet security company DearBytes, the number of management positions—managers and team leaders—has increased: on the one hand, external talent was attracted and on the other hand, existing colleagues got the opportunity to develop. This new group must form a tight team, with individual strong leaders who complement and support each other effectively. The tools from PiCompany provided the indispensable insight into the various talents of each manager. This insight forms the starting point for focused coaching.

"With PiCompany, we analyzed which talents we already had in-house. Now we know where we stand, we are better equipped to determine the route to our objective." Stephan Krijgsman—HR manager, Dearbytes

"Our enthusiastic, but relatively inexperienced team faced various challenges. In the first place, the best generalists are often not good generalists, so we wanted to provide them with support. A good team is a tight team that works closely together, knows each others strengths and weaknesses and knows which managers can work best together to resolve an issue. But specifically for Dearbytes, it is important that managers know how to translate developments within internet security into internal responsibilities and tasks. Finally, it is essential that managers know how to manage the integration with KPN, which has taken us over, correctly."

Baseline measurement

"To pull this together, we offer individual coaching in which each manager develops their own talents. To implement this coaching in a focused way, we needed insight into the talent we already had in-house—who possessed which competencies and could best develop them. In fact, we needed a baseline measurement. So we approached PiCompany with this question. The consultants at PiCompany helped to analyze the personal behavior, motivating factors and cognitive abilities of each manager. The focus was then on the functioning of the team as a whole. The Pi consultants looked into which leadership roles were represented within the team with us. In a PiCompany workshop, the team members discussed the results of this study and the available options. How do they make use of their talents and how are the various talents distributed across the team? How do they function in practice? What are they successful at? What have they forgotten? And what does this mean for integration with KPN?"

Coaching specific talents

"This process is exceptionally worthwhile for the coaching process of GITP that follows this: as a result, the consultants at GITP can coach our people in line with their specific talents. And because we now have a baseline reading, we can monitor the progress of the coaching accurately. Moreover, we can develop the group further as a team. With the ultimate goal: to allow managers at DearBytes to be at the forefront of market developments."

Why we opted for PiCompany

  • Insight into managers' competencies and leadership roles
  • Overall summary of the functioning of the team
  • Ideal starting point for competency development and coaching
  • Number of employees: 105
  • Locations: The Hague and Beverwijk
  • 10 million

Dedicated account manager

Marjon Hilberts

Marjon Hilberts
Account Management

Account Management
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