Implementing competency management at Mastervolt

Talent development among employees drives your business further

Naturally, competency-based management is essential in attracting and retaining talent. Especially when it involves the technical talents which Mastervolt require. PiCompany advised on the design of a system of competency management that most suited the innovative organization that Mastervolt is.

""Thanks to the expert and pragmatic advice from PiCompany, Mastervolt now has a sound infrastructure for competency management which we can use for years to come." Olga Horstman, HR-manager Mastervolt

Innovation is very important in our sector. So our HR policy cannot fall behind either. To attract and retain the best people, it was time to switch to competency management. So that we have a common language when it comes to discussing development. In doing so, our employees can focus on their own talents and become better at what they are already good at. This really challenges the professionals who work for us. PiCompany understands that people are your greatest asset; that was our joint assumption.

Training in competencies

Competency management was in fact a new phenomenon for our organization, so everyone had to get on board with it: first the managers, then the employees. PiCompany trained our managers in management by competencies, and how you conduct discussions about it with employees because it is ultimately the management who introduce competency management to the employees. We also received support from PiCompany in the design of competency profiles. Naturally, that was not done in an afternoon: in the end, we formulated 30 competency profiles. Furthermore, during this process we established two core competencies which apply to everyone: customer orientation and adaptability.

Infrastructure for competency management
Thanks to the expert and pragmatic advice from PiCompany, Mastervolt now has a sound infrastructure for competency management which we can build on in the future. In 2018 we are going to arrange the performance and appraisal cycle based on competencies for the first time. The competency profiles also serve as a basis for our recruitment and selection process. So 2018 will be an interesting year: we will see how competency management works at Mastervolt. If we then coach our employees in competency development, PiCompany will be involved again.

Why we opted for PiCompany:

  • Scientifically-supported system for competency management
  • Expert AND pragmatic advice
  • Number of employees: 80
  • Where: offices and partners in more than 80 countries

Dedicated account manager

Remon van Asperen

Remon van Asperen
Account Management

Account Management
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