Do you want to discover the potential of (future) employees quickly? Our "Identify"' solutions offer concise summary reports that quickly give insight into qualities and talents.

Simply, quickly and efficiently identify the qualities and talents of large groups of employees.

You want to get a quick first impression of the qualities and talents of large groups of (potential) employees. These include cognitive abilities, personality and drives. This is important, for example, to gain an initial insight into the competencies that employees display, and which employees fit best in your organizational culture 

PiCompany makes it simple to gain an initial insight into these qualities and talents by means of compact, science-based online tools. Through concise, clear interactive reports, you will discover what the talents of your (future) employees are. 

Our "Identify" solutions are often used for recruitment, preselection and building up talent pools.

Our solutions for identifying talent

  • Combination Report

Identify Talent

Discover talent among large groups of employees quickly and easily

Looking for a preselection tool for talent within a large group of employees? With our Identify Talent tool, you will quickly know whose application you want to take further.

  • Identify
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Drives
  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
  • Single Report

Identify Personality

Rapid preselection on the basis of insight into personality and work behavior.

Identify Personality is a compact instrument for rapid preselection. It works on the basis of personality and eight kinds of work behavior. You can use the results for focused selection interviews.

  • Identify
  • Personality
  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
  • Solution

Effective Selection

Which people fit the selection criteria best? How can you effectively match (future) employees with your organization?

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