Rapid preselection on the basis of insight into personality and work behavior

Identify Personality is a compact instrument for rapid preselection. It works on the basis of personality and eight kinds of work behavior. You can then use the results for focused selection interviews.


  • Identify
Rapid preselection of applicants.

This report measures

  • Personality


  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
For whom and when

Are you looking for a quick insight into the personality of an applicant, and what this means for their work? In terms of their strengths and weaknesses? Do you, for example, want to know whether someone is the kind of person to take the initiative, easily collaborates or is naturally customer-oriented? 

With Identify Personality, you will quickly get an impression of a person. You can easily compare the strengths and weaknesses of several people at once. Your job interviews with the applicants will run smoothly and efficiently. 

As an intermediary, you can offer your clients enriched candidate profiles.

Working Method

Identify Personality consists of 50 questions. The test participant will need around 10 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. 

Participants can fill in Identify Personality online at any time or location of their choice. They can even complete the test at home. 

On completing the test, you will receive a report with the results.

Results and reporting

After the test has been completed, you immediately receive a short report that is easy to interpret. You can see what the participant scored for the Big Five personality characteristics, what work behavior goes along with this and what pitfalls they must avoid.

Support and certification

You can quickly and independently start using Identify Personality online. PiCompany supports you setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal (SSP). With this portal, you can manage questionnaires for participants 24/7. Participants can fill in the tests and questionnaires online, anytime and wherever they want.  We will provide a digital manual for the SSP.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service desk:
T: 0031 (0)88 44 87 050.


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