Honest and reliable cognitive abilities tests 


At the end of the day, you want to recruit capable people for your organization. Cognitive abilities are, after all, one of the most important predictors of success. But how can you compare candidates with various cultural backgrounds, nationalities and degrees? With PiCompany's culturally fair Connector Ability, it is truly the cognitive abilities of the employees that are being tested. This adaptive abilities test ensures that you will quickly have a reliable report in your hands. This way, you won't lose any time during the recruitment and selection process. 



  • Fair comparison of the cognitive abilities (G factor) of candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Reliable and fair selection by means of the adaptive, culturally fair nature of the test. 

  • Language and cultural background do not play a role. 


  • Match
Honestly and reliably compare the cognitive abilities of (future) employees.

This report measures

  • Intelligence


  • Performance management
  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
For whom and when

The jobs market is becoming increasingly diverse and flexible. This makes it more difficult to attract the most talented people. After all, how can you compare employees who were educated differently, and who have different experiences and backgrounds?  
The Connector Ability helps you make an honest, independent selection. Using this culture and language-fair test, you can reliably compare candidates. Organizations often use the Connector Ability at the beginning of selection processes.  
Using the results, it can be quickly determined whether a candidate should be invited for a (follow-up) interview or not. The Connector Ability also tests people's learning ability. 

Working method

The Connector Ability is a modern adaptive ability test. Employees can fill in the Connector Ability online at any time or in any location they choose. They can even complete the test at home. During the test, its difficulty level adapts itself to the ability of the participant. This way, every participant is asked a unique series of questions.  

Previous test experience offers no advantages. If desired, you can have participants do a short retest at your own, monitored location.  


Verbal ability test
For certain professions, verbal ability is important. Examples include legal or communicative roles. In addition to Connector Ability, PiCompany offers its verbal ability test—Connector Verbal Analogies. This test offers a simple means to see what associations a participant makes between various terms.  


The Connector Ability is a scientifically-based test. PiCompany's R&D department continuously redevelops this test according to the most recent findings. We hereby conform to the COTAN norms.  

By adding the Connector Ability Validator, you can quickly and concisely verify the Connector Ability test results.

Results and reporting

After the test has been completedyou immediately receive a short report with easily-interpretable explanatory infographics. You can immediately decide whether you want to invite the candidate for an interview.

Support and certification

You can quickly and independently start using Connector Ability online. PiCompany supports you when you are setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal (SSP).  
With this portal, you can manage questionnaires for participants 24/7. Participants can fill in the tests and questionnaires online, anytime and wherever they want.  
We will provide a digital manual for the SSP. If you have any further questions, please contact our service desk: 
T: 0031 (0)88 44 87 050


Certification training 
Certification is required for the interpretation and feedback of the Connector Ability results. PiCompany provides this certification training. Certification authorizes you to interpret the test results and to discuss the report with the participant. This way, you can then manage the test entirely in your own system. 


Read more about our certification training sessions


The report Connector Ability
has 1 variant.
First Column Second Column

Connector Ability +

Combines the validation of the cognitive abilities and verbal analogies

  • Connector ability validator
  • Connector verbal analogies
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