Insight into the personal drives of employees 

Motivated employees perform better and are more engaged. But what energizes them about their work? How can employees and teams be kept engaged and how can they perform better? Reflector Drives quickly gives you an insight into the personal drives of individual employees and teams. You will then get a picture of what goals your employees are aiming for and what drives them. This will improve selection and career development.
  • Insight into the goals employees are aiming for and what they value about their work.
  • Input for selection, development and career choice.
  • Adaptive measuring method for a reliable profile.
  • Questionnaire based on Schwartz's internationally thoroughly-researched value model.
  • Completely tailored to the work situation.
  • Available in four languages. Ask about the possibilities.


  • Match
Insight into the drives of employees and teams.

This report measures

  • Drives


  • Performance management
  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
For whom and when

Which applicants have a value profile that suits your organization? How can you align yourself to the things that really motivate employees? How can you help employees put as much of their strength into their work as possible? If drives and work content are matched, you create more engagement and better performance. Reflector Drives provides an insight into people's individual drives. This allows you to select candidates better and helps you steer your employees and teams with greater precision.

The test also offers input for in-depth self-reflection during employees' career choices. The test asks questions such as: 

  • Which role is really right for me?
  • Which career step will give me renewed energy?
  • What forms of collaboration are best for me?

In addition, Reflector Drives measures drives at group level. If desired benchmark data can be offered. The results will allow you to see how the drives of team members contribute to the team's efficiency. Or why one team performs better than the other. This will allow you to put together teams that perform optimally.

Working method

On the basis of twelve drives, the online Reflector Drives test shows an employee's drives hierarchy. This will also provide you with an insight into the degree to which the employee's values stand out in comparison with a norm group. The participant's score is directly translated into behavior and drives. Making a link to the actual work situation will be simple.  Participants can fill in Reflector Drives online at any time or location they choose. They can even complete the test at home. Once the test has been completed, the report will be available within just a few minutes.


Combination report(s)

Use the Reflector Drives results in a Talent Map for greater insight into group profiles. Here, you can compare the results against a specific benchmark or control group.

Results and reporting

After the tests have been completed, you immediately receive a short, interactive report with easily-interpretable explanatory infographics.

Support and certification

You can quickly and independently start using Reflector Drives online. PiCompany supports you setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal (SSP). With this portal, you can manage questionnaires for participants 24/7. Participants can fill in the tests and questionnaires online, anytime and wherever they want.  We will provide a digital manual for the SSP.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service desk:
T: 0031 (0)88 44 87 050.  

Certification is required for the interpretation and feedback of the Reflector Drives results. PiCompany provides this certification training. Certification authorizes you to interpret the test results and to discuss the report with the participant. This way, you can then manage the test entirely in your own system.

Read more about our certification training sessions


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