Talent Map

Provides quick and reliable insight into talent within your organization


Your organizational goals require strategic personnel planning. 'Which talents do I need in order to attain these goals?' 'And which talents are already present and how can I specifically develop these further?' Talent Map will answer those questions and make talent data visually tangible. This way you can attain today´s goals and tomorrow´s ambitions.



  1. You will get a total overview of employees' talents and of how you can implement these talents more effectively in order to realize organizational goals.
  2. You can focus on specific characteristics of individuals, teams and parts of the organization, and will instantly be able to see which talent will be most successful in which position.
  3. You will be able to quickly examine HR scenarios based on personality characteristics, cognitive abilities, competencies and drives.
  4. You will be able to take data-driven, well-considered, strategic HR decisions.

This report measures

  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Drives
  • Behavior


  • Selection
  • Talentmanagement
For whom and when

Talent Map is ideal for organizations who constantly want to check their HR strategy against the qualities and talents of employees, and want to proactively adjust HR scenarios in order to effectively respond to the new challenges of the market.

The following questions will determine whether Talent Map might be interesting for you:

  • Do we have a thorough understanding of the talent within our organization?
  • Have we got a clear overview of where we might expect a shortage of talent (risks)?
  • Are we optimally exploiting our talent?
  • Are we monitoring our high performers adequately (succession planning)?
  • How can we optimally exploit the diversity within our teams?
  • Will we be recruiting or developing the required talent (home-grown talent)?
Working method

Talent Map offers an interactive, visual, up-to-date, online overview of the talent that is present, based on reliable assessment data. A constant supply of talent data will show you which talents and competencies you already have within your organization, how you can make use of diversity, and which talents you still need to acquire.

This way, you can quickly, carefully and reliably match the available talents of employees with the planned HR scenario.

Results and reporting

A clear visual talent overview is created, based on an interactive set of talent data: the Talent Map. The data is provided via valid and reliable online talent tools, which are implemented within your organization and possibly complemented with company data such as KPIs, turnover figures and customer satisfaction ratings.

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