Preparation of capacity test

Be well prepared for the Connector Ability

Soon you will do a cognitive capacity test. You do this online. This is probably part of a selection assessment or a development process within your organization. Your (future) employer has chosen to have this test carried out at PiCompany.

We help you to prepare well for this capacity test with a manual, tips and practice questions. This allows you to fully focus on the content during the real test. 

Benefits of preparing:

  • Clear instruction
  • Realistic practice questions in a comparable test environment
  • Including test report

For whom and when

Are you going to make a cognitive capacity test? For example for a selection trajectory? Or in the context of a development or career path. And do you want to prepare yourself thoroughly? PiCompany helps you with this.

What is it

The Connector Ability is the cognitive capacity test of PiCompany. It predicts the ease and speed with which you can solve problems and you can master new information. The outcome of the Connector Ability gives a good impression of your cognitive abilities. This result is in the form of a report.


You have received an invitation from PiCompany for making a cognitive capacity test. To get an impression of what you can expect, you can take a practice test. More information can be found in the manual and the frequently asked questions.

Would you like to read through the test results and a number of sample questions at your leisure? Download the Candidate Brochure BAMA or the Candidate Brochure Vocational education.

To gain access to the practice test, enter a number of details. Of course we treat your data with the utmost care and confidentiality and according to the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act. Your details remain private and are not accessible to others.

You can choose whether you only study the preparation or also do the practice test. If you have completed the practice test, you will also receive the report containing the result of the test. That way you know where you stand. You can not derive any rights from the results and the report.

Fill in the form at this page to gain acces tot the tests.

Note: you can never stop the preparation and practice test in the meantime!

Verbal analogies (language)
The practice test is language and culture poor. This means that language, education and cultural background do not play a role in the results. Sometimes the client of the test chooses to test the language component (so-called verbal analogies). You can not currently practice these verbal analogies. They will soon be included in the practice test.

Result and reporting

The outcome of the Connector Ability gives a good impression of your cognitive abilities. The results are processed in an online report.

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