About us

Talent management revolves around people and around data. PiCompany brings the two together using advanced online tools and Talent Analytics. That allows us to set organizations up for success

PiCompany specializes in advanced online assessment and development tools, and talent analytics. We give organizations the ability to identify talent, select it and develop it further. This allows organizations to provide a targeted response to new developments.

Providing insight
Providing insight is at the core of everything we do. Our assessment and development tools provide organizations with an insight into people's talent, employability and development potential. Our reports offer insight into employees' personality, behavior, motivations and cognitive abilities. By helping to unlock talent data, we can further increase the insight into qualities, competencies and success factors. We can do this at individual, team and organizational levels.

Client-focused, accessible and flexible
The future of talent management revolves around data. However, HR will always be all about people. As a result, PiCompany is a lot more than just tools and technology. We are client-focused, accessible and flexible. Our tools and our people are at your disposal. Our consultants help organizations in deploying these tools or offer insights through talent data. Our service desk is available at all times. We train and certify users.

Solid solutions
Our solutions are robust, modular, scalable, grounded in science and simple to use. This is how we deliver solid solutions for current issues such as selection, talent management and competency management. In this way, we put organizations and the people that work for them in a position to be successful—now and in the future.

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